AICTT Camp 2015 - Accra


Your flight leaves at 8.05am to lagos.This was the mail that had me begin to believe in the authenticity of an ICT camp I had applied to attend. Not that I am paranoid, but the level of scams (fraudulent) schemes in my home country is on the ascendency.

Take a retrospective look at the Ghana Police recruitment scam. sigh

Day of departure arrived and I was still sceptical, however this was the day I was sure that I’d finally get the answer I was looking for.
I arrived early at the airport and confirmed the flight, held the ticket in my hand and then I believed. All you doubting Thomas, heave a sigh of relief with me.

You might call me naive. Hell, I probably am.

I did not know my yellow fever certificate could not cross into international boundaries, I had to go find the airport hospital and get inoculated.

Thats not true, I just had to show proof of my earlier inoculation to get a new international certificate, at a fee!

So with spanking new certificate in hand, I breezed past the ebola check in. Got to the departure and then waited!

Waiting is a major part of Flights from Ghana, or should I say flights of the world.

The big metal bird took off after a while. Its route, Lagos in Nigeria, where the Ghanaian delegation was to meet up with selected Nigerians from Abuja and Lagos for the final leg of the journey to The Gambia.

Our people say “if you don’t have money, you claim cassava leaves is blood tonic”. In the bird, there was the clear distinction between those of us in the economy class and those in the business class.

I’d just leave it at that.