AICTT Camp 2015 - Lagos

Raspberry Pi

45 minutes after take off we had touchdown in lagos.

The reason for the claim that Murtala Mohammed International Airport used to be one of the largest airports in the word is well founded at least to me, who has not seen a lot of airports.

Busy as hell,one can easily get lost in this airport. Multiple checks to get to particular spaces. One thing was glaring: the lack of chairs. To get a place to sit a person would have to find an eatery, and this cost money. You had to at least get something to eat from your hosts.:)

I found myself moving from one joint to the other. Don’t blame me, I had close to 11 hours to burn, Lagos was just a transit point for me and the Ghanaian delegation.

Some people in my delegation could take the stifling airport no longer and thus decided to brave the lagos traffic.

The seemingly disarrayed congregation of people suddenly got into lines and general order when time for check-in came around. Guard rails that existed not sprung up to bring some order to the place.

Raspberry Pi