AICTT Camp 2015 - The End


Am at a loss, I actually do not know what to write.
Who knew three weeks could come and go so fast. 21 one days in a land away from home.
I went I saw I conquered.

The Advanced ICT training camp was just that, advanced. Intensive is another word you can use to describe the nature and schedule of the program line up. From half eight each day to half five, participants of this camp were locked up in separate rooms assigned to the three teams each was assigned to. Courses covered three major areas: Geographic Information Systems, Application Development and E-Commerce & CyberSecurity and Advanced Intrusion Prevention.

I must say here, that I was and still am impressed with the organisers of this program. I am truly grateful be part of this maiden endeavour to bridge the ICT gap in the ECOWAS. Kudos to the Ace team . +Salim Saidy

On the selection of the country to hold such an event - I believe The Gambia was the right choice. The weather, the people, the food (more about the food in a separate post), the sights... don’t get me started. Warm mentions go out to my Gambian Connection [WG,MC,AJ] you know yourselves. :)

As I said, am at a loss for words. If I ever have something to add, I will in an update.