AntiVirus gone Commercial

Gone are the days that the OSx' and Linux' of the world were thought to be virus free. Thought to be the bestest of the best of OS's, the rock solid Operating systems etc etc. They are still going strong, no doubt, however they have begun to gain the sort of popularity that malware creators look for in OS targets.

The greater the number of users, the more economically important the OS becomes.

Enter ClamXAv, an OSx derivative of ClamAV - an open source antivirus engine.

I am writing this post because what was once free (10 years) is now being sold, note, this applies to the OSx version only. The maintainer of the OSx version says, it's time he made some cash from this :) to give proper support and dedicate himself to the improvement of this beautiful application.

Thank you @ Mark Allan for the years of virus free systems.

What are the implications for me?
Implications for others? Are there others out there? Let me know what you think in the comment section.
The continuous survival of the app for the other OS's? Are all other supporters and maintainers going tow the cash-after-some-years line?

However, the maintainer left a lifeline - stick with his old versions and continue to use the AV free of charge, albeit without his support and future upgrades.

What am I going to do?