Blog Camp 2013-Ghana

Who would have thought that Ghana my beloved country, is home to a thriving community of bloggers. Unbelievable, I tell you. Color me surprised as I watched a multitude of people from all sections of life come to get under 1 roof to celebrate blogging.

Budding, intermediate, experienced bloggers all in one room to share,explore,enjoy each others works, explore uncharted territory, develop relationships, among a whole lot of reasons  for such  a turnout. you would know if you were there. :-)

Yours truly was there right from the start. However I was not attending in my not-so-good blogging capacity ,but as a Google student ambassador,showcasing Google's blogger platform and its integration with Google+ .  sweet!!!

Applauds for all bloggers out there-its not an easy thing,look at me for example,can't keep it regular.

Imagine delivering your content directly to your readers.hmm, hmm, are you imagining. Yup that's right. Instead of you hoping you get an avid group of readers and followers from website referrals and lucky Google queries that spit out your blog URLs, you get the opportunity to deliver your content to a select few or an open group, as premium content- free.

Give your readers a feel,by signing up/migrating to blogger and upgrading to a Google+ account all with your Gmail account. And bam!
Just like that ,you deliver premium content free of charge. Head over to blogger to know more.

Believe me when I say I did not digress in the preceding paragraphs, permit me though to make an observation , most female GH bloggers are beautiful. You would not believe me, but its true."Herh!" The secret of GH girls. Blog-secret.

OK,so I just wanted to say that.
Tigo was there but internet was bad,they say they say,bad internet was caused by interrupting signals from  a close-by mast. Hmm.
Nandi mobile-interesting people.
Some upside down painting-live painting/poetry-awesome.
Awards receivers,deserved it. #amayawdebrah #ganyobinaa #mutombodapoet and others I cannot remember.

Checkout the pictures on Google+ ,  "#blogcamp13" is the hash tag you want. You might find some pictures of me. Yours truly.

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