Building a PC from junk! DIY

Ok so today I woke up to find myself owner of several pc parts, some spoilt, others yet to be determined. how I came by them is a long story, best started now.

so let's go back three days, assuming today is the 30th of July 2011.

I woke up to a not so bright day. After discovering the night before that my recently acquired 16gb SanDisk pen drive was no where insight, furthermore I had virtually no recollection of where it might be,i was so full of it.

I grudgingly went to the office that morning, upon my arrival, I was greeted with 3 desktop pc's that needed my attention. Did I fail to mention I consult for various companies. This company is my favorite "TopDog Communications".

Back to my story; these pc's needed to be declared repairable or dead, the former would then need further attention. so after a time I promptly declared two dead. the single repairable pc amidst a lot of fanfare and trips to my favorite hardware supplier came to life.

As I looked at the two pc's that I declared dead, an idea came to mind. why throw them away when I could salvage useable parts and take on a DIY project, and this brings us to the main essence of the blog post.

I decided to build a pc

so the very next day I salvage what I could off the dead pc's. these included :

            2 PSU's (power supply units)

            2 motherboards

            a processor

             A lot of IDE cables

            3 CD-RW/DVD ROMs

            4 chassis fans

            CPU heat sinks

            SATA cables

            Two  Pc cases

and a whole lot of transistors and capacitors I don't know what to do with them. I had a whole lot to carry home that day I had to hitch a ride with a work colleague . I arrived home to realise that I had a lot of parts I had gathered from similar sources for the same purpose. these parts greatly increased my stock pile if I should call them that and thus increased my chances of finding workable and useful parts.

that brings me to today, it's a nice day and also a weekend. a Saturday in fact. so the moment my eyes lit up well enough to see my feet, I rose from my slumber and intentionally forfeited some basic self care (grooming 'lol' insert wink), and jumped at the stockpile ,rummaging till I found a usable tower case, suitable for an ATX motherboard, got together the necessary cables and available parts. am partial to brand names, so the MSI motherboard got the pick instead of the hyjund.. something motherboard (with this said, I hope the MSI board won't give up on me, just to spite me. Believe it or not ,machines have feelings)

so after a whole lot of metal bending and twisting, i ended up with a "what i would call a dynamically structured air cooled tower case", complete with a motherboard, two Rom's (CD-RW/DVD), three IDE drives, a 250GB SATA drive(a happy smiley face here).

left to complete this system would be a power supply unit, memory(ram), and a processor.

I hope to get these free of charge , to build a machine truly with no financial backing.

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