Depressing Opposites

This unpublished poem I wrote a while back came ahunting.
I now outdoor it in this space.

Quench a thirst, to feel thirsty?
Eat, to get hungry?
Sleep, to wake?
Breathe to exhale

Light is, because darkness exists
Good is measured against evil
Black is what makes white stand out
None is, without the other

To what end do we grind and hustle each day,
Only so, you live to hustle and grind another day?
To what end do you pick yourself up when you’ve fallen,
Only to fall again?

What’s the purpose of life?
If the death is the only constant.
What’s the purpose of striving to beat time, make time, catch up?
If in death, even time stands still.

Life is measured in opposites
Smiles are worth their weight in tears.