There are a lot of things Gmail is capable of that doesn’t come to light. Take for example , the just recently outdoor-ed “Undo Send”, which was in existence for about 6 years. I got to know about four years into its existence and wrote a post about it.

Today, its a different story, I want to shed light on this functionality of Gmail that allows one to handle multiple email addresses all through a single gmail sign-in.
This functionality is hidden in Settings options,specifically under the Accounts and Import tab.

In the list that appears under said tab,”Send mail as:” is what you are looking for.
From that point onward, its as simple as Adding another email address you own, Following the steps required is a very straight forward.

Once done, an authentication code is sent to the email you want Gmail to handle, type in the code and voila , its done.

You will want to copy and paste the individual signatures for each account, as they appear in the original email, so they are included in the mails, you send on behalf of those accounts through Gmail. This is doable at the signature list item, under the General tab. A dropdown lists the various emails, so you can setup the signature.

Save changes and you are set.

Whenever you want to send an email, make sure you select the email you want to send as in the “From” dropdown.