Take a second look at this posts title, I urge you, take a second look.
Yup, there is a blank space,and I want you....yes YOU to fill it at the end of this post as a comment.

For the many that do not know. I hold Ubuntu as the face of the Linux environment, you cannot tell me otherwise! period.Ubuntu has done a lot to make Linux in general what is it today,let me not digress from the purpose of this post,which is to make you fill in that blank space. I hope you do.

Yes, where was I?

For the many that came from a windows environment,(see what I did there?).Ubuntu comes with multiple desktops right out of the box.No need to install any software or fire up a terminal.
Hey, you may be saying multiple desktops..meh. They are lifesavers, a productivity booster.

Ever had your desktop so cluttered you know not where an applications window is....buried under all those other windows, that have minimized windows as well. In comes the multiple desktop, just a "Ctrl+Alt+"direction key"" away. With the Unity interface, the directions have moved from the linear "left/right" sort to more "left/up/right/down".
Spread your open windows across these desktops to reduce clutter.You may also right click the application window, and choose the options that fall out of the drop down.

Another thing that comes out of the box with Ubuntu is ....terminal transparency. I can hear the groans and boos in the background, but I say meh to that. I agree, something as trivial as terminal transparencies is not worth mentioning, but know that the doctor came for the sick not the healthy.

To all newbies who get awed by some superfluously themed desktops, have in mind, that may be easy to do, with a little digging into config files and what not, conky|compiz etc.Taken with my pocket. :-)I attempt to turn heads,with simplistic and easy going  desktops, no extra tools installed.Launch terminal, 2 ways - "click on your dash home, type in terminal and hit enter" or the dashing way "Ctrl+alt+t". Select the "profile preferences" under the edit menu.The background menu is what I am most interested in.Choose the radio button named "transparent background" and play with the slider until satisfied. The other tabs are for your own fun, nothing can go wrong.Enjoy.Have I mentioned "fortune"...and now what do you say, Linux is ____?