Mild Explicit content within*

Ever had to use "Sh*t","F**k"...you know the trend, when you accidentally send the wrong email to the wrong person or the right mail to the wrong person or the right mail to the right person at the wrong time?

Yeah ,I get the impression you know what am talking about, and if you do, I present to you one of the most needed,most hidden features available in GMail,yes! the GMail you know,Google Mail.

This post reminds of a time I had to use those same words, :-( and quickly send a second mail to apologize. So I begun the search for a solution, and in Google Labs I found the answer, I am willing to bet most people are not aware of a Lab, Google has living in your email account.

Head over to your settings tab after you signup, and select the "Labs" tab,scroll through the options under that tab, I bet you would be amazed at the plethora of tools you would find there, however the tool I speak of, is the "Undo Send" by "Yuzo F " . Just choose the enable button and you are set.

No more hitting the send button too soon or too late.

NB. you only have this sweet opportunity for a few seconds, I believe that those precious seconds could save you from very embarrassing situations.
Yours truly.