OpenSource - SSH'ing Goodness

Ever heard of JuiceSSH ? The last three letters in the name is sure to give you an idea around functionality of whatever it is, know it or not. Well its an android application in the PlayStore, basically a program that allows you to ssh on the go.
Being a mobile application , one will expect it to be limited in functionality. mais non!!

In my tests I did not push it to the limit of its capabilities., however others have and can attest to the fact, take a look at their reviews on the PlayStore.

Now what I want to bring to your attention is the extensibility of this application. One can, with plugins extend the functionality of Juicessh.
Example is the plugin - juicessh-performancemonitor . This plugin gives you the ability to monitor the performance of your server remotely via SSH! and not only monitor but do so with a beautifully designed interface.

Best of all is that: This application is open source, in fact the whole plugin - structure is open source. What that means is that you get the opportunity to build your own plugins for JuiceSSH!