This past weekend, I ventured out with PhotowalkGh, a group of individuals made up of Photobloggers, Photojournalists, Photographers and Travellers. Gadgets as expected are: DSLR's and Smartphones. I am to be considered under category: Traveller and Gadget: a Smarthphone.

This is by no means my first foray with PhotowalkGh, but to all extents this is my first post on the issue.

Destination; Akosombo & Juapong
As always, meeting point was the Accra Mall.

The first stop was at Juapong, where we disembarked at the Volta Star Textile Limited premise. Used to produce textiles back in the day, but currently produces material for other textile printing companies.

Then to the Akosombo township, which initially looked like there will be very little to capture, boy was I wrong.
Photowalk starts as photographers pair up and move in different directions, in hopes of getting varied shots that tell a wonderful story of whatever town we get into.

was no different.
so was

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Post image by:@mtofstudios