An upcoming travel opportunity had me searching for a VPN service I could use whiles away from . This search lead me to Outline. A free vpn tool tailored for journalist - Touted as granting you access to the “internet you can trust” , as having “strong privacy and security”.

What led me to choose Outline over the rest, was the fact that you could run this vpn tool on your own server or a VPS of your choice.

The three things you would need to get started:

  1. A VPS of your choice eg. Vultr, AWS, Google Platform, Digital Ocean etc
  2. The Outline Manger
  3. The Outline Client
  • Spin up a linux based server on your VPS
  • Login to your server, ssh credentials should be available to you.
  • Follow the prompts on the Outline Manager to setup the server.
  • Download the Outline Client and add a server by copying and pasting an access key made available via the Outline Manager

And just like that you have a VPN connection setup. Your conversations, transactions etc etc are all free from prying eyes.

Another thing I like is that, I can just destroy my server and spin up another one and a completely new VPN connection anytime I want.