is the sinatra app on heroku.

This is how it got there.

  • First Create an account, or sign-in to an already existing account.

  • Create an app.

    • In my scenario, I connected to github from where I deploy my app, whenever there is a push to the master branch of my repo.
  • You will need a Gemfile , Gemfile.lock,

  • Using touch Gemfile in your terminal should create a Gemfile for you.

    • In this Gemfile, list out the gems that you will want installed with your app. eg.
    # Gemfile
    source ""
    gem "sinatra"
    gem "sinatra-contrib"
  • Run bundle install in the same directory with the Gemfile and this will create for you, Gemfile.lock. Note: The bundler gem would have to be installed to do this. gem install bundler Note: Heroku requires bundler version 2.

  • In your file,


require './main'
# ./main refers to  "main.rb"

run Sinatra::Application
  • With this, your app is ready to deploy.

  • You might encounter an issue,after you deploy to heroku, especially with Heroku’s bunder version.

  • The defualt buildpack does not come with bundler version 2. To solve this, visit your heroku dashboard, under settings, add this buildpack to your apps settings. Remove the default ruby buildpack, you should be ready to go then