The year is 2019 and if you have a thought process in any way similar to mine, you’d most likely prefer to start the year on a clean slate. Formatting and reinstalling only the essentials. With time, one’s workspace gets cluttered with ‘one-time-use’ softwares, ‘no-longer-needed apps’ and apps you might have forgotten about.

This is a listing of Apps that can and do succesfully replace sold/proprietary apps.

This will be updated when new ones are discovered. You could also submit PR’s to this repo with suggestions.

Sold/Proprietary Open Source Alternative
Image Manipulation Gimp
Document Editor Libre Office
Virtualization Virtual Box
vectors Inkscape
3D drawings blender
Audio Manipulation Audacity
Media Players VLC, IINA
Image Compression ImgOptim
Media Compression Adapter
Flash OS’s to SD balenaEtcher
FTP Client Cyber Duck
Web Servers Mamp,Xampp