Project Nate

NibbleIT a software solutions company/consultancy I begun a while back, but has been on the down low did a demo of an application during this years IO Extended, organised by the Ghana charter of the Google Developer Groups.

Welcome, Project NATE. Do not ask me the meaning and reason for the name. This project is the baby of a colleague, @jahlomP, find him and ask him.

So project NATE is the Ghanaian attempt at developing a code editor. If you are currently thinking “ what's it with code editors, aren't there enough of those”. Hold on th that thought.

Personal preference is an abyss. Until the whole world agrees to a particular thing there will always be the need to develop, iterate,change, make better, tweak, modify, adjust ... in short, the abyss will still be an abyss.

Now, NATE joins a family of editors that have jumped on the bandwaggon of built-on-top-of-web-technologies. Harnessing the power and flexibility of web technologies coupled with the awesome API’s brought into the mix. NATE hopes to position itself as the goto editor for African developers.

An editor from Ghana for Africa.

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