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Update -16th July 2015

If you have been following or starred RasPi_Serv, you have probably realised a quiet update to the "removing bloatware" section, to achieve a very lean setup of rasbian,after initial installation. Check it out.
Truly headless :)

My bucket list of things to get myself recently got overhauled. On top of the list, right after the Macbook was the Raspberry Pi. Those two have been taken off the list, but thats besides the point.Recently got my paws on a Raspberry Pi B+ which for purposes of this post becomes the RPi.

Like all things that you wish for and get, the first few days just pass in a haze.Finally after the haze cleared,I decided to put the RPi to the test. Being an InfoSec buff, my first test was the Kali Linux build for the RPi.  I also ran various linux builds for the ARMv6 architecture. They all ran like they supposed to. Straight forward installation etc etc. After the period, I sort of lost interest in the RPi as I do with most tech related gadgets.

To prevent the RPi from just gathering dust, I have embarked on a project to put it through its paces and document those paces and processes.

Enter My repository for all things RPi.This repository is going to serve as a one stop shop for all codes and tweaks I do to my RPi over the coming weeks.
This will include complete documentation and hacks if need be.

This begun as a documentation for building a server image for the RPi,since there is no pre-built server image for the RPi. However, it could be so much more and I intend to make it much more.

First off, How to Download, Install, Configure.Then how to strip a Rasbian image to create a server - like image.

Fork or Watch my Repo  | Follow my Blog Posts. See you soon.

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