Rooting an android device in linux

Warning, the use of the command line is compulsory.

Its been a while since my last post.The world I once called school is no longer a hinder in my life.So I may become a regular in the blogging sphere.

As I sat one day contemplating on what was to become  of me, I got a notification that my nexus device was ready to be upgraded to android  4.3.

I fired up my voodoo root keeper and backed up my root account and went ahead with installing the update.To my dismay I lost my root account and even the backed up version no longer worked.

One glaring issue that stared in my face that faithful evening was rooting an android device on a Linux machine. Majority of the tools on xda forums are windows based. :-)  Well, after a lot of digging  I came upon what I believe  is the easiest means to root,  install Roms etc in Linux.

Note: This tutorial is generic in the very sense of the word, so I am not going to  serve up links to Roms and other tools for a specific device. Disclaimer : I am not to blame and cannot be held accountable for any damage whatsoever you do to your device whiles following this procedure. You do this at your own risk. You brick your device- your fault, You burn it -your fault.Not for the faint of heart.

The tool - fastboot.
A terminal based application, free of charge of course.
Fire  up your terminal, usual shortcut is Ctrl + apt + t
Get into superuser mode, sudo -i  and type in the appropriate credentials.
Copy and paste the code below into your terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

This code, updates your repository and installs the needed tools. 
You may also need to download and extract the android sdk and export its location to your systems environmental variable$PATH""PATH=$PATH: && export PATH .  By now you should have your root files, custom Roms, clockworkMod recovery files ready.

A fully charged device is necessary to complete this task, a USB cable is a must have.

1.Boot your device into bootloader mode, via a series of button presses, different for every device.

2.connect device to computer via USB-test for connectivity by typing: "fastboot devices". if the response is a string of numbers followed by question marks or vice versa, then you are good to go!

3.navigate to your folder containing your Roms-in the terminal type in fastboot flash recovery [your recovery file.img] and hit enter.
After this is done, simply reboot into recovery mode, this should send you into clockworkmod recovery, i.e if you used clockwork mod.usually at this point, you would have to put your rooting file at the "root" of your device.

In Linux it is not as straight forward as drag and drop the file. In some distributions of Linux like "Ubuntu", you would be able to drag and drop but in recovery mode ,you might not have access to the file.

The solution would be to sideload the file.
In recovery mode, choose the option install via sideload, the response would be waiting for sideload...
In the terminal , type in adb sideload [the usual "" file].
Reboot your device, once sideload has finished.-You have ROOT!-

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