Technophobes of Ghana

Its 2015 and yet our people still ask for directions. You look down at their hands and you find them dutifully carrying the latest samsung galaxy, the latest iPhones etc etc.

You politely give the needed direction, adding the mandatory tree, gutter and "kofi broke man" seller. After, you wonder what that device in hand is used for. If devices could talk :)

Is it a fashion statement, a level of financial status that requires we buy those devices or mere vanity, only to use them for calls and WhatsApp. Yup, I have included WhatsApp here because it has come to replace text messaging and has also become the only other reason to buy a smartphone, as an app it has become a definitive guide to buying a phone.

"Customer : Good Morning, I want to buy a WhatsApp phone."

To the issue at hand, smartphones have come to stay, our people however well educated, still see the smartphone as a tool for communication ONLY. Why shell out all that cash if you are not going to said device it to its max.

Nobody goes to the bend-down-boutique and buys a trouser or skirt that does not fit. 
We are not shy to stand by the road, and measure /wear these hand me downs before haggling out prices with the sellers, and yet we don't have the time to perform some sort of requirement elicitation on ourselves before we go in for what we don't need and even after we buy what we don't need, we also do not take the time to learn what the device can do for us.

The phrase: "There's an App for that" does not apply to Ghanaians.

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