What is privacy ? -one may ask.

Various dictionaries simply define privacy as "the quality of seclusion from the presence or view of others."

Others rightly put it as "the condition of being concealed or hidden".

So what do I say privacy is,"a notion/feeling of having kept something supposedly concealed,hidden,secluded from the prying eyes of others."

Why do I say supposedly?

The mere notion of privacy is made invalid when the thought, deed,action is made manifest in the physical,i.e; written on paper,stored on some electronic media of some sort etc.

Back in the day,on my side of the world perhaps, privacy was a closed door,shut windows,sealed lips. Today when privacy is mentioned what comes to mind is 'web suggestions,shopping suggestions,personal information not being available to governments,cookies-not the ones we eat.

This notion keeps on bothering me,"privacy"

We claim we want privacy and yet we fill out all the columns upon subscription to social networking sites, then we claim our privacy is being infringed upon when we receive unwanted mails and SMS.

We blatantly put our phone numbers in the comments section of an update stream and are angry when nice* gentlemen who got your number in the stars start to call you.

We get angry when our inboxes are flooded with spam. Forgetting the sweepstakes form we filled.

Why are you worried a website would tell you what to buy? After all its your money and the website is only suggesting. If suggestions bother you, I suggest you stop using the website or for Gods sake use the incognito mode/privacy mode.

What have you got to hide?
If you have something to hide,why put it online in the first place and later claim privacy has been breached. Your brain is the best place to store such information. If you end up forgetting,then my friends I believe total privacy has been achieved.

Remember the world is getting smaller and smaller, faster and faster,smarter and smarter. Humans should not get slower, larger,and dumber.

I believe there is no privacy when words depart from lips, or ink from pen guided by hand and mind or keys depressed by fingers.

Our elders say- we close our doors at night not because of ghost or spirits but because of our fellow man.