So I got in late to the Humans of Ghana party. I must say that I have been an active follower of the Humans of New York page for a really long time, so my first reaction was, ebei! we have copied this too?

But then, anything worth anything is worth emulating, and I applaud the vim.

So I begun, just like I did with HoNY, from the latest post down to a post submitted on the 14th of January. I do not believe it's the maiden post of HoGH, but after 30 minutes scrolling, liking-a-many and sharing one, I think I get the picture.

Like anywhere in this world, there are good stories, inspiring ones, bad stories, funny ones etc etc. The human experience is vast and unique. Ghana is no exception.

And as always there are those that just can’t refrain from posting unproductive comments, but hey, its their opinion and its amazing they’d rather say sh*t than say nothing.

I will like to say, I am awed by the effort the creators of the page put in, the support of the amazing people of my motherland, especially those who through their contributions change/changed lives, the insightful statements from folks you least expect to hear such words.

So awed I was, I resurrected my sleeping blog (my slice of net heaven) to express my thoughts.

Today, HoGH has got a new fan/follower.

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Keep up the good work folks; Ghana, one click, one story at a time. ampa!